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Our Industries

  • Metal Stamping & Plating

    We supply a comprehensive lineup of materials ranging from lubricant oils to degreasing solvents and plating chemicals.

  • Polyurethne

    We supply upstream feedback for the PU chemical manufacturers as well as solutions and chemicals for flexible and rigid foam solutions

  • Textile & Paper

    We supply specialty chemical products for textile and paper industries, ranging from auxiliary to textile finishing chemicals

  • Paint & Adhesive

    We provide high performance fluororesin coating as we as Epoxy, Silicone, Polyurethane, Acrylic and other coating chemicals

  • Oil And Gas

    We supply wide range of products within oil and gas industry.

  • Food And Beverage

    We offer a wide product selection for food and beverage industry applications, ranging from sweeteners, vitamins, fillers, food processing ingredients to packaging materials.

  • Detergent

    We sell our chemicals to wide range of companies producing cleaning chemicals

  • Electronic, Solar And Semiconductor Materials

    We are one of the leading global suppliers to the front and back-end process of semiconductors, silicone for PCBA & PCB and chemicals for solar cells and panels.

  • Plastic

    Full line of engineering plastics and fluoropolymer resins and semi-finished products suitable for medium to high-end industries.

  • Agriculture

    Products including wide range of fertilizers and agriculture, aquaculture, and animal feed chemicals

  • Building & Construction

    Our building and construction products are highly innovative and we provide building owners with energy and resource saving solution

  • Cosmetics & Personal Care

    We are a source of large number of specialty ingredients for the cosmetic and personal care industries

  • Industrial Gases

    We offer high purity and specialty gases solutions to all industries

  • Water Treatment

    Our water treatment chemicals are widely used for public works, swimming pools and aquaculture

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